About Shu Jin

Shu Jin Law Firm is one of the first partnership law firms in Shenzhen as well as in China, established in 1993. With 20 years of development, our firm has grown to become one of the largest and most well-known full-service law firms, providing quality legal services covering multiple jurisdictions and ranging from foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, banking and international finance, capital investment and security, corporate financing and debt restructuring to commercial paper litigation ,intellectual property ,real estate and other legal services for both domestic and international clients. Shu Jin has built close and long-standing business relationship with clients, relevant Chinese government authorities and legislative bodies.

With the outstanding track record, Shu Jin enjoys a solid reputation in providing legal services for the evolving capital market in China, has received numerous honors and awards and has ever been listed as one of the best law firms in China recommended by Legal 500 and Asia Law & Practice. In 2009, Shu Jin was awarded “Shenzhen Law Firm of the Year-ALB China Law Awards” by Asian Legal Business (ALB). In 2011, Shu Jin was selected as “Best Law Firm of 2010” by China Competitive VC/ PE, an activity held by Securities Times.

As a law service institution established and developed in special economic zone of Shenzhen, Shu Jin will carry forward our creativity, enhance our service standard, expand the service fields and try our best to meet our clients’ commercial needs.

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